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Master of Business Administration

Study Programme


Executive MBA Postgraduate Studies programme modules

Duration: 2 semesters, 60 ECTS

  1. Marketing
  2. Management of state property
  3. Strategic management
  4. Quality management
  5. Project management
  6. Managing talents and human resources
  7. Public Relations, Social Media and Brand Management
  8. Business ethics and CSR
  9. Managerial economics
  10. Leadership and coaching
  11. Trade law
  12. Legal liability of CEO’s, CFO’s and Members of the Board
  13. Negotiations and communication in business
  14. Business protocol and savoir vivre
  15. Psychology of management and managerial decisions
  16. Individual case study


London Executive MBA Summit (Apsley Business School) – study visit at Apsley Business School’s headquarters in London, UK.

Prague Executive MBA Summit (Newton College) – study visit at Newton College’s headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic.