Recruitment for spring editions until January 30, 2019

Master of Business Administration

Tuition fees


Entry fee - PLN 0 until 20 January

The system of tuition fees

Number of depositsDeposit amount
1 annual paymentPLN 9,500
2 semi-annual paymentsPLN 4,950
4 quarterly paymentsPLN 2,600

The amount of tuition fees will not change during the programme.

Optional fees

London Executive MBA Summit (Apsley Business School) – study visit at Apsley Business School’s headquarters in London, UK.

Prague Executive MBA Summit (Newton College) – study visit at Newton College’s headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic.

Optional fees are fixed on an ongoing basis with the co-organizers of the study visits and they depend on the number of those interested in a trip (at least 10 people).

Your participation in the study visits (Executive MBA summits) in London and Prague is voluntary. 

Bank account for payments of your tuition fees: