Master of Business Administration


Postgraduate studies in Business Administration (Executive Master of Business Administration – MBA) run by Collegium Humanum – Central School of Management in Warsaw and Apsley Business School in London are among the most prestigious and world-recognized managerial qualifications designated for people who are open to the development of their leadership skills as well as those who desire to achieve success in various areas of management and business.

The Executive MBA Programme allows you to effectively complete your academic education and develop practical managerial and supervisory skills.

The graduates, after completing their Executive MBA Programme, are set to gain the necessary competitive advantage within the job sector, thus enhancing their marketability and business appeal.

The Executive MBA Programme is designed primarily for senior executives, members of the statutory bodies of companies and the State Treasury, directors and managers or those who want to occupy higher positions in their companies in order to make the best use of their knowledge and skills in various areas of business.

The graduates of the Executive MBA Programme acquire a comprehensive overview of business management and development, while improving their knowledge, competences and skills, and thus becoming renowned specialists on the way to achieving professional success. The modules of postgraduate studies in the Executive MBA Programme are based on the specific needs stemming from the managerial practice, implemented by an outstanding cohort of specialists (practitioners) from Poland and abroad in a case study system.

Completing the MBA postgraduate studies is tantamount to fulfilling the education criteria set out in the Law on the Management of State Property, which is necessary to sit on the supervisory boards of companies with the State Treasury shareholding (Article 19 paragraph 1 point 1 c of the Act of 16 December 2016 on the management of state property (Journal of Laws of 2018, item 1182)).

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