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Dorota Wójcik-Kośla

Dorota Wójcik – Kośla – a graduate of Warsaw School of Economics. Currently employed as a lecturer, conducts the following courses: Strategic management, Competitiveness of Polish enterprises on the European market, International management and Management games – "Marketplace trainer certificate" January 2005.

She has a lot of practical experience both as an independent specialist (for marketing, forms of financing and others) and on management positions, such as functional head and director in trading enterprises. She combines practical experience and theoretical knowledge to cooperate with companies in the area of training. Besides didactic and training work she develops her academic interests: participates in research, writes chapters in academic works, takes part in conferences and publishes articles in magazines. She is a member of The Learned Society of Praxiology and the Center for Business Ethics of the Polish Academy of Sciences and Society of the Development of Izabelin.

Academic staff